Introduction to Cutting

Have you ever wanted to try cutting? Well now is your chance to have a go, no matter what saddle or horse bred you ride this event is open for all to enjoy!

Clinician Michael Costello will take you through the art of cutting, explain the rules and how you run will be judged, then join us at the next Garfield show as a spectator or a competitor with the MFC Performance Horses team to guide you throughout the day.

Train the Trainer

Every journey starts at the beginning, first planning then the first step, but most importantly you need to go in the right direction!

There are countless forms of fear, and the worst is what ” IF’s “. If you have issues with fear than this clinic is for you, will be guide past your fears, so you will gain more confidence in what and how you do things so you will trust yourself more with your horse.

Cost: $450 Lunch and snacks and light beverages supplied.

Free camping and yards! BYO feed