Remember that when we handle or ride a horse, we all become trainers, as what we do the horse remembers, to learn how to interreact with your horse is very important.

‘Train the Trainer’ sessions private or group are available now to get you started

Interview with Trainer & Riding Coach Michael Costello

We believe that to teach clients not only to ride a horse but how to train their horse, then you give the client the correct tools to build a clearer partnership, you then have a greater equine journey


Our mission at MFC Equine is to never fail the horse, to achieve this we work with the horses’ mind first of to get a better understanding on how to communicate without undue force and build a solid foundation allowing them horse to achieve their full potential..


Our vision is to be able to assist all those who have a passion to ride and want to give their horse the best to ensure that we never fail their horse!

Give your horse the best start in life by having him/her introduced to the working world in a kind and nurturing environment. Training and re-educating horsesĀ is also available giving your horse a new, happy and satisfying memory every day.