Renee Mitchem
Renee Mitchemrenee.mitchem.5
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❗️Review Post❗️ If you’re looking for a bunch of trustworthy, kind, experienced and supportive experts to help both HUMAN and HORSE with their training issues, this is the place! We brought our 3 year old (green broke) gelding to Mike and the Team at MFC and could not have asked for better results. The result? A safe, educated and confident mount for the family to enjoy! Thanks so much Michael Costello Christine Vano Jaarla and Jonah ❤️
Holly Reid
Holly ReidHolly.Reid99
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What an amazing place MFC equine is and what an amazing person Mike is. 💕 Mike is the kindest, most genuine and selfless horse trainer I have come across. He has taught me and my girl Vegas so much and has given us a new lease on life. I can't Thank him enough. I've had the most enjoyable rides ever with Vegas at Mikes and he, Lily and Jonah have taken such good care of her like she was their own. I not only have a new trainer but a forever friend and mentor. Love you Mike and the MFC equine team ❤
Lora Moulton
Lora Moultonloz.geronimo.3
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Another great day, always great to see people enjoying themselves 😊 how things have changed in a couple of years for you both. So much work goes into the learning process not just for you but also for the people supporting you, but its all worth it on days like today 💕
Narelle Koryn
Narelle Korynnarelle.koryn
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I'd like to thank Chris Brands for helping believe in myself when riding and for giving me advice and for listening to me babble on haha. And a big thankyou to Michael Costello for making my dream come true getting to ride and enjoy my young horse at first I thought I was in over head never owning a unbroken horse before but he gave me the confidence to help guide her.
Ange Turner
Ange Turnerangie.turner23
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It’s hard to believe that a little over 2 years ago this little man entered our lives totally unhandled and terrified of humans. This year has had the best ending possible because of Michael and Chris, I’ve truely gained a life companion. With minimal handling we trusted these two beautiful people with our little man and he’s come back the best little friend a girl could wish for. What a Christmas I have received this year!!! This little man just takes everything in his stride, from chasing cows to sliding stops Michael and Chris have brought the absolute best out in him, and I can’t thank them enough. Not only did they break him in, they kept his cheeky personality and he truely holds his own. Thank you both so much. Here’s to 2019 and what Baxter and I will achieve. This photo was taken a hour ago, just thought I’d bring him out to chill with the family on Christmas Eve! Thanks again, not only for what you have done with baxter, but welcoming mum and I like family. Truely the best experience!
Heather Pritchard
Heather Pritchardheather.pritchard2
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From the rearing photo (week one) to this weekend. How Michael did it I don't know, but whatever he has done I am going to say it is magic, he has some how turned a horse I was about to regrettably sell back into the horse I fell in love with almost 10 years ago. This weekend we worked on standing still near the stables for a brush and yesterday we got to ride and work with some real cows which we absolutely loved doing, not sure who enjoyed it more though. His journey is not over yet he still has things to learn, and mine is just beginning again with him. We still have a fair way to travel first but i know with mike and mfc equine team as our guiding lights, and the skills we have learnt so far to keep moving forward (literally). 😂 . Nothing will hold us back from achieving big things. Mike and everyone at MFC equine I can't thank you enough for helping me when I thought I had no where else to go. Pokey absolutely loves you and all you do for him, I haven't seen him so happy and content as I do with you. Thank you really isn't enough. Karen, lynette I can't thank you guys enough either for standing by me in some of our challenging times too. You have been there for the pain, the tears and the happiness. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 💜💜🐎🐴