What is training to win?


There is never a horse that can't be ridden or trained. No horse is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate horses. I work with and train people. I am "not" a horse whisperer.

The words " Train To Win" simply means you teach the horse what you need by respecting his mind so the body performs the exercise you are asking . By Creating the harmony in a peaceful neutral circle so you can trust your horse to always perform and keep you safe.. It will win for you.

The words " Never Fail The Horse "

" You can never rely on a horse that is educated by fear "

If you allow any trainer to disrespect your horse in the name of teaching or tough love training, you are disrespecting yourself and your own safety, plus the safety of anyone else you to let ride your horse in the future. Sure it works and yes you see results, some even become winners in the that magic show arena, until they become sour, resentful, or mentally break down. " Why o...r how they make it we don't quite understand, I guess we can only put it down to how great these animals truly are, they withstand so much abuse & pain to please. However we don't always see the aftermath until we on sell the horse, then one day something triggers a memory and wow it explodes , someone is hurt, the horse is sold, or disposed off; then they are rescued and the circle continues.

Regardless of the breed, or the saddle we ride in; the answer lies by making sure we build that solid foundation, using kindness and good horsemanship; then you train a horse for life and do not fail them.