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Achieving Horsemanship Workshop

3 Day workshop over three consecutive Saturdays 
Participants $75 per day.

Spectators $25 per day.

Includes a personalised program for you to continue with at home.

Lunch and light refreshments on the day.

Become a horse person not just another person with a horse.

Using our exercise program on the ground and in the saddle our Achieving Horsemanship Workshop will give you the confidence and ability to connect with your horse on a level you have never been able to achieve before. Creating a lighter more responsive horse without having to get heavy handed will open the door to the real satisfaction of communicating with your horse.


Week one concentrates on the horses mind and the difference between fear and misbehavior.


Week two we look at the connection between the mind and body of the horse, on the ground, and getting them to work in harmony through respect and patience.


Week three it all comes together and works as one. You will take your new ground work skills and put them into  practical riding exercises as you navigate around objects, negotiate obstacles and work with cows, all the while promoting and encouraging bravery in your horse.