Horse and rider coaching, training and retraining horses and horsemanship clinics are just some of the ways we can help you to be a better horse and rider combination.

We can tailor a unique program for any and all of your training needs.

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Horsemanship Clinics

These clinics are held regularly and focus on enhancing the riding skills while learning the art of working with live cattle. They are open to all breeds, using any type of saddle. Everyone is welcome to join us in the cow pen for a great experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 


Horse and Rider Coaching

Our horse and rider coaching team are here to help you become the best horse and rider combination you can be. No matter what your riding preference or experience we can tailor a program for you.


Specific Training Needs

Give your horse the best start in life by having him/her introduced to the working world in a kind and nurturing environment. Training and

re-educating horses is also available giving your horse a new, happy and satisfying memory every day.