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Our meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of each month!


The agenda of each meeting changes as we introduce exciting new activities for all to enjoy, while receiving instruction, guidance and encouragement to continually improve horsemanship skills. When we introduce a solid foundation to our Hotshots we give them the knowledge to grow safely  and continue on into whatever discipline they chose to follow.

The Hotshots Competition Team


Barrel Racing

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Join the MFC Youth Hotshots at out monthly meetings, held on the 4th Sunday of every of month. Then if you want to compete, get your entries in to attend WGQHA at Garfield on the 3rd weekend of each month, which include Extreme Cowboy, Cutting and Western Pleasure events.  Barrel racing events are held on various week ends.

The MFC Youth Hotshots Competition Team is managed and coached by Michael Costello, Michael is assisted by his daughter  Christine Vano to make sure our team is well looked after, for all their needs. Jonah Vano and Amy Karrer are our senior Hotshots, who not only lead our competition team but are also there at our meetings to guide and mentor our younger Hotshots through the learning stages of riding.



Extreme Cowboy

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Join our MFC Youth Hot Shot and join in the fun. 

Membership is for years 18 and under.

Become a member today and join us with your horse at our next meeting for:

Fun - Learning - Information - Play - Safety.  

Activities include horse and rider coaching, working with cows, games and much more!

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