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Under the leadership of Michael Costello and Chris Brands of MFC Equine, we now have over 40 participating members, have held six rallies and the kids have had an amazing time with their ponies.

We took the team out to the Garfield Show where they had the opportunity to test their cutting skills in a competition environment and they had a great time.

The MFC Hotshots concept is undoubtedly a huge success, and the time has now come to set our club up for a sustainable future, confirm our existing participants, and welcome new members.

We couldn’t be more proud of the friendships and support networks that the team have formed. 

We are also excited to announce Club Uniforms. Club colours are royal blue and white. An MFC Hotshots polo shirt will be available to order and purchase, along with other club merchandise.

The current fee structure commenced in August 2019, and we are pleased to announce as follows:

First Child

Second Child

Third Child

Annual Fee

Payable in Aug




Half Yearly Fee

Payable in Aug and Feb





Rally Fee




For membership please complete this form, scan and email to:

Please note: Club day rally fees can also be paid via the PayPal links below.