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3 Circle Horsemanship
Michael Costello

This Clinic held over 2 days at the cost of $240, fence sitters welcome at $35 per day, pony club canteen will be available to look after every ones needs.
On Saturday 3 Circle Horsemanship will take you through the correct method to help you move your horse’s body and improve their flexing, collection & stopping to remove resistance or fear while using Barrels, Cones, Mechanical Cow & Obstacles 
On Sunday we will revise what we learnt on and Saturday then hold a min horsemanship comp testing your skills. The comp will include a Riding patten, working the Mechanical Cow & an Obstacles course
The proceeds of this Clinic will be donated to raise funds for Lacey Male to assist her family in their support during Lacey’s recovery.

Payment details and forms will be sent with booking confirmation!

To help Lacey you can also make a donation on her GoFundMe page just follow the below link