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Michael Costello has over 40 years of riding horses and competing in the western arena. He has trained dogs to all levels in search and rescue, personal protection and competition with German Shepard dogs. He has also completed studies in animal physiology.

In the business world Mike has been assisting business' and people, on an international level, in coaching to enhance their people skills. Mike loves to help and encourage young riders and people who are coming back into riding, or those who are overcoming fear for themselves, or have horses with fear issues. His Three Circle Horsemanship training method assists with any problems that horses develop and will provide them, and you  with new training skills. With his coaching you will achieve your dreams and goals as a rider and in competition if that is what you wish to do.


One of Mikes key phrases is "Horses learn Trainers - not by learning."

By this he means that your horse will only be as good as your training ability. Each horse and rider combination is different and your horse will take his training, his learning, from you, as his trainer, and so it becomes a very personal thing.


As a coach Mike loves nothing better than taking on the horse that a rider has been told to get rid of or that the rider is giving up on.  From day one he will put the emphasis on working with you and your horse together, making you the trainer and he the coach; working together to make you and your horse the best team you can be and making sure that your horse loves to do what you ask of him and so enjoys the learning experience.


Mikes classic and kind approach in training achieves the best result with happy horses who want to perform and please their rider daily. His aim is to pass on his knowledge, energy and enthusiasm on to his clients to best motivate, mentor and assist them in achieving their riding goals.