The Ultimate Trail Challenge

Never before has there ever been an event like this!

Demonstrate your skills in this 3 combined events challenge to show you and your horses’ over all ability to perform daily ranch tasks. This event is set over 2 days with events for both youth and adult in green horse, novice and open rider events, even your littlest rancher can enter our junior event either supervised or on lead line. Family discounts available!

Over night camping available at no extra cost!

Show commences at 8:00am with guided walk through of all events 8:00am - 9:00am


No matter what breed of horse or saddle you ride in, everyone is welcome!

XMAS Vouchers are available at no extra cost!

Show Dates

15th & !6th of  Jan 2022     30th & 31st of Apr 2022

30th & 31st of Jul 2022     29th & 30th of Oct 2022

31st  Dec 2022 & 1st Jan 2023

Entries close 7days proir to event at 9pm

Complete all 3 event s

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to win the 
The Ultimate Trail Challenge

Open Riding.png

Open Riding  

Demonstrate your horsemanship, and your horse’s ability to ride out and perform daily ranch tasks, in this event you will be require to perform tasks such as navigating poles, opening gates and performing a riding pattern. The set pattern for your event will be available for you to view and walk through on the day of the event. Judges will look for, use of reins, and leg aids, degree of difficulty, time taken at each task, horses’ willingness to perform maneuverers plus your overall horsemanship. 

Herd sorting

Competitor has 4 minutes to complete their run, Judge will nominate the first number to be sorted, rider sorts through the herd to drive out the required numbered cow to cross over the marked line then break off to work the mechanical flag, once this sequence is completed rider will then return to the herd to drive out the next numbered cow and repeat. Run will end when second sequence is completed and rider has backed off of the buzz sounds, which ever commences first.  This is a snaffle bit event ridden 2 handed.

Herd Sorting.png

Trail & Obstacles Course

Navigate obstacles and perform rescue tasks while travelling around our exciting course, this event is judged on the performance of the horse over each obstacle, with emphasis on manners, response to the rider and quality of movement. Credit will be given to the horse that is happy to move over and around the obstacles with style and a degree of speed but showing caution, your horsemanship will be your overall winner as it will be judged above correctness